Every night the entire Universe puts on a show at Joshua Tree Oasis. Here are infinite ways to share unspoken beauty with your loved ones.

EK telescopeJust gaze your sites to the heavens in this beautiful vacation rental at the edge of the Mojave and you’ll understand why our guest book is filled with page after page rich with testimonies of appreciation. They talk about romance. New found love. Proposals. Anniversaries. The joy of families together. A father telling his son, “I love you more than all the stars in the sky.” And together they take in the vastness of such awe-inspiring majesty.

The wonder of it all celebrated under what Anne Morrow Lindbergh called “a bowl of stars.” For, indeed, luxuriating at Joshua Tree Oasis under billions upon billions of celestial sparklers, streaking comets, and brilliant constellations is truly like no other experience on the planet.

In fact, many guests actually plan their JTO vacations around full moons and predicted meteor showers, or knowing the best time to see an eclipse. Some bring telescopes and phone apps siting the heavenly mappings. Children once so citified and unused to even seeing the stars at night get to witness the wealth of such a night time show: stars in full view without the blinding camouflage of city lights, traffic, neon, the haze of pollution and smoke. The pure dazzle of overhead lights at JTO are better than any July 4th event! This is the real deal put on nightly as it has since the beginning of time. So, what’s up at JTO? Everything under the sun and Venus and Jupiter and the Milky Way and……. Come and nourish your soul as you bathe in this heavenly desert retreat.

NightFor astronomy vacations in California, you cannot beat the JTO.

STAR-ing attractions not to be missed:

  • August – Perseid meteor shower
  • November – Total eclipse of sun
  • December: Gemini meteor shower
  • Dececember: Christmas evening and Jupiter

“Life begins perpetually…. Life, forever dying to be born afresh, forever young and eager, will presently stand upon this earth as upon a footstool, and stretch out its realm amidst the stars.”
— H. G. Wells

Words from Cara