“You never know what life is like, until you have lived it.”
Marilyn Monroe


She’ll be returning to the place where she was once discovered by a Hollywood agent. “She” was the larger-than-life Marilyn Monroe and the “place” is Palm Springs—less than 40 minutes from the most beautiful desert vacation rental of all—Joshua Tree Oasis.

The real Marilyn Monroe, of course, is no longer with us, but her 26-foot, 40,000 pound “Forever Marilyn” statue will shine supreme on the corner of Tahquitz and Palm Canyon in Palm Springs from now until June 2013. Caught in the permanent, iconic skirt-billowing pose made famous in the film, “The Seven Year Itch” Marilyn Monroe’s sculptured likeness (by Seward Johnson) is not to be missed. And the same can be said about the equally entrancing Joshua Tree Oasis lodging waiting a world of starry-eyed romantics longing to live extraordinarily—at least for a delicious desert hideaway escape.

MarilynOne can only imagine how much Monroe would have loved the intense peace and privacy of all that Joshua Tree Oasis has to offer. The sumptuously soothing Jacuzzi and sun-warmed cowboy spa, body-cradling hammocks, and old-fashioned, curl-up-and read rocking chairs. California beauty far from paparazzi. So decadently perfect for trysting. Dancing cheek-to-cheek under a blanket of blazing stars with the moonlight casting a glow to acres of surrounding serenity. Free to be herself with Arthur, or Yves, or Joe, or….? Joshua Tree Oasis would gather her into that savory cocoon of quiet broken only by a chorus of coyotes and shifting sands…where she could write in her diaries and lounge in luxury living her brief life like a candle in the desert winds.

Cara Wilson-Granat