You can do it. Grab your besties and pack your bags and do the thing you didn’t think you could do: Escape to the desert. Leave behind the zombies. The walking dead. The vampires and leeches. The goulish goblins, miserable monsters and freaky psychos. All of them. (And that’s not even the Halloween crowd!)


Waiting for you in a pristine desert hideaway is Nirvana. Joshua Tree Oasis—a wondrous escape of dunes and rocky outcrops, dazzling, star-packed nights and days rich with the sights and sounds and scents of fall at the Mojave’s edge. Joshua Tree Oasis—a vacation resort that is truly unparallel.

Once you enter the magic of it all Joshua Tree Oasis Vacation Lodging simply takes your breath away and leaves you howling at the moon right along with the coyotes. (Werewolves not allowed.) Mummies find this cactus-covered beauty too scary. But here in this exquisite state of luxury-meets-ecstasy something miraculous always happens. You begin to transform, evolving from wired to wow-where-have-I-been-all-my-life. And the only ghosts you might encounter are those that you hopefully leave behind in your unplugged i-pad, cell phone and closed-up computer. The trick is deciding to get here. The treat? Well come and see for yourself…

~ Cara Wilson-Granat