Our Joshua Tree Oasis Blogger and Wordsmith, Cara Wilson-Granat, is a brilliant writer and public speaker who, based upon her personal relationship with Anne Frank’s father -Otto Frank, focuses her message on never giving up hope.

Check out some of her 1-minute video clips….

Cara with Anne Frank

Cara Wilson-Granat - Author

“I began writing to the father of Anne Frank when I was 12 years old in the San Fernando Valley, California after I had been chosen by a talent scout to audition for the movie, The Diary of Anne Frank. Our correspondence and profound friendship extended well over 18 years when Otto Frank and I finally met in person in Basel, Switzerland where he lived. Our unique relationship became the foundation for much of the perspective I have to this day and is documented in my book, Strength from Tragedy. Each of my books and talks carry a theme of the gifts that this extraordinary Holocaust survivor gave me and others worldwide: tenacity and hope in the face of life’s unending challenges. No matter what, we must never give up.”

– Cara Wilson-Granat