Goodbye hammock
Goodbye lazing in the sun
Goodbye to endless desert fun
Goodbye to counting stars and comets
And the Milky Way
Listening to the howls of coyotes you don’t always hear in the day
Goodbye to long, dreamy swims
and watching lizards play
Goodbye to summer escape the Joshua Tree Oasis way…


Summer is all the more special when savored in Joshua Tree Oasis. What better way to gather family and friends under the glowing Mojave sunshine. Here, away from the noise and craziness of the city, you can breathe in the pure, natural beauty and simple pleasures offered in this extraordinary desert vacation resort.

Cowboy spa

Now that the last waning sighs of summer are about to be played out, when school is starting and the hint of the holiday seasons are around the corner, you can still grab the last, carefree moments here in this timeless vortex of positive energy. Because while the summer days may be drifting away, the beauty of an astounding new season is about to begin in Joshua Tree Oasis.

Cowboy spa

Goodbye summer. Hello fall. Welcome, magical new memories. Come one. Come all…