What our guests are saying…

Bobcat“We are having a marvelous time at your lovely house in this utterly amazing, spectacular environment.  Today with the few drops of rain came the most beautiful skies, all the rocks so sharply etched, incredible clouds, simply breathtaking.  Late this afternoon some movement caught our eye outside the bedroom window. Two bobcats!!

One stood on the top of the rock, surveyed the scene as though he owned the place, ambled down, as the other one came up and slowly knocked something off the rock, looked around for several minutes, then walked over to the deck where she sat on the hot tub cover for a while and then made her way down into the rocks. We were, needless to say, ecstatic.  We saw lots of birds, a few lizards, heard quite a few coyotes, and yesterday, on the Barker Dam trail, saw a rattlesnake.  We will leave here reluctantly!  Thank you so much for creating this peaceful, inspiring environment from which we can so deeply appreciate the beauty surrounding us.

Again, thank you so much.  We feel so fortunate to have discovered Joshua Tree Oasis.