…Just about everything! Those of you returning to Joshua Tree Oasis year-after-year will soon discover all those breathtaking aspects you loved about it before are now enhanced. And if this is your virginal first time at the Josh, lucky you. Because we’ve added some rockin’ remodeling features that are already getting rave reviews from appreciative guests. We invite you now to wander through this gorgeous desert vacation resort and take in the stunning beauty everywhere your gaze lands.

Master Bathroom…


In the Master Bath brand new tiles greet you, each made from small pebbles and smoothed to a glisten like a welcoming, mountain creek. Other tiles decorate the base with paw prints of native Josh wildlife–bobcat, coyote, mule deer and more—each lining the deep, inviting tub and open shower area. So much fun to suds on the newly, non-skid tiles unencumbered by curtains or doors! Simply enjoy the breathtaking landscape of the ever-changing scenery outside the window within reach of your serene soak and scrub.

New cabinets, new floors and doors, a new sheen about everything…

Many of you offered some great suggestions and we listened. So now all cabinets are equipped with easy-to-open handles. All wood surfaces outside and in have been newly painted and refinished with a rich, new stain matching the vibrant energy of the desert surroundings. The look continues on the deck and the outside benches and chairs on every level of JTO. Even the floors have a new sparkle and finish like never before.

Fully equipped kitchen…


You bring the food, we provide all the extras. From Mr. Coffee, to some of your favorite spices, teas, espressos, hot chocolate, as well as dishes, cutlery, pots, pans, and more. It’s all here. At JTO you know that the joy begins where yesterday left off , starting the very moment you enter this luxurious hideaway. We know what you desire to enjoy peace, pampering, sustenance, comfort, sensuality, delight and beauty. It’s right here.

So, to the answer, “What’s new at the Oasis?” we have to say that JTO is as gorgeous as ever. We’ve just made it even more desirable to enjoy everything about it. Welcome home.

Cara Wilson-Granat