Baby bobcats

The bobcat protection bill CA AB 1213 has passed both the California Assembly and the Senate.  It is now on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk waiting for his signature into law.

This is the last step to protect our noble cats.  The trappers, hunters and big fur industry is mounting a campaign to convince Governor Brown that it will hurt the economy. We know better. The cats are good for the economy around the National Parks.

We’re asking you to send a note to Governor Brown urging him to sign CA AB 1213 into law.  A phone call takes 10 seconds. You give your name and tell them you strongly support the bill.  That’s it.  If you are good at writing, then send an email or fax your letter as we did for then they have a hard copy.  When you email please send Blind copy to Vic at She is coordinating a presentation of support letters to be presented to the governor.


Email: (use the drop-down “subject” menu to designate your email for AB01213 – you have to scroll down a long way)
Phone call – (916) 445-2841  Monday-Friday, 9-5 pm only no messages on weekends and evenings
Fax – (916) 558-3160  –  Nice because they have a hard copy but can also email.

Thank you for your support!