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Joshua Tree Oasis: A Child’s P.O.V.

“Only the children know what they are looking for,” said the little prince.

–The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I know that magic is real. Some grown-ups don’t think this is so, but I know it’s true. Especially when I go to Joshua Tree Oasis with my family. Then the magic really shows up. Everything seems to get more peaceful. We’re not rushing around being busy. We do lots of really fun stuff together too because we don’t have to do things like drive around, or go to work, or go to school. We just do what we want to do here.

We climb…


And hike…


And build…


And discover crystals…


And find strange artifacts…


And name boulders that look like King Kong…


And rock formations that look like wizards….


We design suns in the sand….


And turn pebbles into rainbows…


And sing…


And laugh…


And get kissed…


And get read bedtime stories.


I wish I could live here every single day but I know that’s not possible. But one thing I know for sure—the magic will still be here when I come back. And it will probably be even better than the last time. That’s how it is at Josh. It’s a real place. But it’s still magic. If you’re a kid, or you just like feeling like a kid, you know what I mean…

 Words From Cara

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