It’s more than the Number One Joshua Tree Vacation Rental,  Joshua Tree Oasis is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after locations for photographers all over the country.

ShaynaAgainst an ever-changing sky, the panorama of rugged boulders, graceful cacti, and an entire world of scrub brush, wild flowers, as well as the eclectic artistry of JTO itself, every object, model, product simply pop with the brilliance of exotic color and light. From handbags, to shoes, fashion tableaus, surreal landscapes, portraits, fine art, sport climbing, album covers on and on, Joshua Tree Oasis is becoming the most desired setting for those seeking to capture the epitome of uniqueness in their work. Photography Team Margo Weathers and Chris Rupert shooting shoes and handbags for Neiman Marcus believes that, “Inspiration only comes to those who ardently seek it…” And that is why they chose JTO for their latest shoot.

Singer Songwriter, Shayna Fiore, also had her brand new album cover, “BEautiful MEss” shot at JTO by Photographer Kevin Ou. The visual palette of muted pastels and surrounding purple-hued mountains mimics her awe-inspiring melodious artistry.

And then after the shouting of “Makeup!” subsides and the last click of the camera has snapped to a close for the day, there is always a soothing Jacuzzi, or an animated dinner on the deck, or maybe some well-deserved champagne and s’mores to celebrate around the fire pit.  So yes, if you’re ardently seeking to be inspired at the most gorgeous location resort this side of the Mojave, look no further than Joshua Tree Oasis. Nobody will have to prompt you to smile…

Cara Wilson-Granat