Dining roomShe was following all the health rules.

Eating gobs of antioxidants, greens and grains. Downing handfuls of walnuts 40 chews each. Stretching. Running. Pumping iron. Drinking tons of water. And still something wasn’t working. The only kind of running she really wanted to do was to run away. So, calling a few of her equally about-to-implode buddies she gathered them off to the desert like ancient nomads in search of a legendary oasis.

But THIS oasis was real. This was Joshua Tree Oasis Lodging, a vacation retreat that was as good for the body and soul as any 24-hour fitness gym in the world.

These were two, five-star retreats tucked into the heart of Joshua Tree at the edge of the Mojave Desert with everything designed to unwind and rejuvenate and jumpstart and embrace weary spirits.

Slide jacuzzi nightThis was an outdoor lux spa enough for eight to readily turn to mental and physical mush. Soothing jets of warm, bubbling waters calming Type-A’s into Ohhhs and Aaaaaahhhhhhs.

This was nature walks and a cowboy spa with waters warmed by the afternoon sun and margaritas and barbeques under the stars and workouts that required walking a few steps from the blue rocking chairs to the neighboring hammock and cooking and playing and reading and loving together in a place designed for the un-techno side of life to time into what is real and beautiful and truly healthy in every single way.

Joshua Tree Oasis Lodging. Nothing is better nor more effective for your entire mental and physical body—especially for your smile muscles. They’ll get the greatest workout of all.

Cara  Wilson-Granat