Anyone who has ever stepped one toe into the world of Joshua Tree Oasis falls head over heels…practically buckled to the knees by such an overwhelming wave of peace and unhampered happiness. Well, if you want to experience this and more at a 10% discount now is definitely the time.

Because, as the last waning hurrahs of summer wind down, this is your chance to grab the moment and relish those nothing-like-it-in the-world soothing cowboy spa soaks for this one-time-only pricing.  This is your chance to harness lazy-dazy-turn-off-everything-relevant-while-experiencing-delicious hammock comas…and feel like a tragillionaire while enjoying a rare 10% off deal staring into the pitch of the night counting shooting stars from your never-get-me-outta-here bubbling Jacuzzi.

Life at Josh is Paradise personified in a natural panorama of perfection witnessed from every vantage point surrounding this stunning desert vacation resort. Guests from all over the globe book weekends and holidays year round just to remind themselves that they really do have a pulse and a passion to live this beautifully.

But as Autumn begins to rein in those sweltering Summer days this is truly your chance to Fall in love—and carpe diem the great price and astounding place at the edge of the Mojave. When you have an offering this sweet waiting you don’t want to let it pass you by…

Words From Cara