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JTO Moments: “Jacuzzi”

Searching for the kind of head-to-toe-inside-outside peace you thought only existed in your imagination? Longing for a true Fountain of Youth? Aaaaah, you’ve so come to the right place. Joshua Tree Oasis is truly where your body, mind, and spirit get to celebrate peace and harmony as the transforming beauty of the desert envelopes your senses…and the warmth of our miraculous Jacuzzi soothes every cell in your being. Come. Slip into the soothing waters of JTO’s bubbling Jacuzzi and feel the healing “Aaaah Effect” as your pores begin to open and cleanse…your muscles uncramp and relax into a mush of overwhelming release…all the stress and clenching and holding on way too tight finally succumb to the miraculous waters massaging you into laughter and all the lovely feelings you thought were long gone.  Your search is over. Find what you thought you’d lost or never had, here at last. The desert waters at JTO. Let yourself go…

Words From Cara

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