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JTO Features

  • Bird watching
  • Eco tourism
  • Horseback riding
  • Scenic drives
  • Sight seeing

  • Hiking & walking
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Cycling & mountain biking
  • Mountaineering & rock climbing
  • Astronomy
  • Painting & drawing
  • Reading
  • Sleeping
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
Think of sleep – or catching up on the book you never finished, the journal you longed to write – with the sound of the desert winds outside your window. Drifting into a bed of down comforters in a room themed to echo the cowboy past with a Southwest twist. There is nothing to pull you into the cacophony of where you just were. There is only this pervasive silence. Peace. Views of graceful cacti and rocky horizons cupping brilliant sunrises and sunsets. This is where passion finds its voice at last. And you get to remember why you were in love…
Is there anything more romantic than a real fireplace filled with the sound of crackling kindle wood and show of bright flames warming you? Scrunch on the couches or floor amidst piles of pillows, books, crossword puzzles. Playing a game of cards. Cooking up an intimate meal. Toasting your time with a renewed glow like never before. Our wood-burning fireplace sparks togetherness such as this.
Once you step into your desert-home-away-from-home, the conveniences of a fully working and totally equipped kitchen are at your beck and call complete with dishes, silverware, glasses, cups, cooking utensils, pots and pans, bowls and pitchers. You bring your own meals and our state-of-the-art-kitchen will help you make them taste like gourmet scrumptious.
They poured two glasses of wine and filled the tub to brimming with lavender bubbles. As they settled into the liquid warmth, the “Ahhhhhh Effect” took over. They began to feel neck and back, arms and legs, face and skin relaxing, unwinding, letting go. Touching toes, linking hands, they leaned back and took in the view outside. Desert flowers burst in wild abandon, stately cacti appeared like outstretched dancers in an endlessly permanent tableau, winds whipped up new dunes of sun-bleached sands. They saw this and more. They saw each other. “Aaaaahhhhhh, this is good…”
Catch-up on that novel you always wanted to begin reading – or writing. Strip down to the buff and let it all hang-out as you bask in the privacy and delight of your new-found freedom. Meditate. Do T’ai Chi or Yoga. Strum on your guitar. Wail on your harmonica. Luxuriate in lounge chairs and an icy drink. Listen to the sounds of the desert – the ripple effect of coyote as their yips and howls bounce from surrounding peak to peak. Watch lizards play tag as they scutter across the brush below. Most of all, simply unwind. Relax. Forget everything that somehow doesnn’t matter so much here. This is your respite. Your hideway from there to here. Turn off the cell and give your cells some healthy, revitalizing rest…
Whether you find your way to it at dawn or dusk when the sky is streaked with the wild neon hues of light to dark or dark to light the bubbling jets of warm water are ready to tingle and massage your body into full unwind. That crick in your neck bubbles away. The strain in your lower back, the tightness in your jaw, the clench of your knuckles, the ache in your arches. Now a mush of “yesssssss” in every direction. The soothing Jacuzzi is a natural in this natural world of nature unencumbered. At night, the stars seem inches from your head – their sparkle so bright and clear against the ebony sky. Planets, satellites, comets all seem to dance above you. Quick! Make a wish! This is a haven for astronomy buffs, or those who simply savor looking at the heavens free from the blinding city lights. So THIS is what the Big Dipper looks like. Maybe if I stretched I could actually touch it! A little longer in the Jacuzzi and you believe you can do just about anything.
Fill it up with the outside hose and in moments the desert sun warms the water to the perfect degree of “Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.” Never have you ever felt more at one with nature. The entire desert breaths peace into every one of your pores as you kick back – sitting, lazing, dreaming in a sun-drenched tub of water just steps from your bed, inches from your Piña Colada, miles from everything that isn’t this. Goodbye craziness. Helloooo cowboy-tubbing.
Fire up the barby and rev-up the charcoal! Bring on the tri-tip, the skewered shrimp and veggies! Pile on the marinated mushrooms and chicken! Foil up the corn and grab those s’mores! Did food ever taste as good as this? Probably not. You haven’t experienced real outdoor cooking until you’ve simmered, grilled and barbequed in the desert.
In a Michael Buble or Norah Jones kind of mood? Craving to re-visit classic movies or catch-up on movies that you missed? Or just want to make sure you don’t miss your favorite show. Our state-of-the-art surround sound system, CD and Satellite TV will transport you to that place you want to experience beautifully. Turn it on and you’re there…
You can bring a passel of your own books and videos or leave them all behind knowing that there’s an extensive library of literary and video feasts waiting for you here – from mysteries and thrillers to classics, self-help, romance and nature-studies – there’s truly something for everyone here. And some of your favorite videos are also at your finger-tips. So kick-back, light the fire, and enjoy front-row center of some great viewing and listening entertainment.


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