Admit it. You just want to play. You want to have fun. Not take yourself or your life or anyone else’s life so seriously. You’re primed to let it all hang out. Let your hair down. Romp and jump and lull and laze and cuddle and do all those inner child things that you’ve kept in tightly trapped cubicles and deadlines and rules and way too much living inside the lines.

Hear it calling to you? Joshua Tree Oasis beckons. Just this side of Paradise, smack on the edge of the Mojave desert, this naturally beautiful worldwide playground attraction tucked around the most gorgeous vacation resort EVER calls you to play.

Feel like you’re losing your marbles? Grab some here and play. Feel like telling the world to take a hike? Take your own hike here and play! Feel like there’s not one more thing you want to think about or deal with? Don’t deal with a thing and just unwind, laugh until your sides hurt, listen to what true peace sounds and feels like and then dance and star-gaze and lizard-watch and spin-the-bottle (next to that exquisite Josh bottle wall beaming rainbows of light everywhere.) Having a meltdown? Come melt down into a mellow mush of OMG in that steamy, billions-of-bubbles Jacuzzi. The play-sibilities are endless here at Joshua Tree Oasis.

C’mon! You’ve been a grown-up waaay too long. Come back into magic and joy and book yourself a play date that will truly change your life. You never know what’s in store until you try it… Tag! You’re IT!

Written by Cara Grant Wilson

Music “I Just Want To Play” by Sunshine Collective