“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.” -Michelangelo

It’s more than a rusted metal lizard sculpture. For this weathered work of art seems to echo all that Joshua Tree Oasis is in so many ways. Time-worn beauty reflecting the natural wildlife surrounding it since forever, this heavenly haven for the wanderlust and weary beckons us all to stop and catch our breath. And sling ourselves into welcoming hammocks and an astounding Jacuzzi for eight and delicious comfort-filled beds and all the accoutrements of luxury and quietude welcoming you home—back to yourself. Back to what’s important.

Home lizard wall

Caught in a permanent crawl, this graceful vintage reptile appears to scale the wall as it forces you to stop and see how truly beautiful its real-life counterpart is once you see it slithering by. Just like all the other natural beauties that abound here in this desert oasis on the Mojave fringe—from songbirds to bob cats; coyotes to cacti and an abundance more doing what they’re born to do. At Josh, you get to retreat into a world you always longed to experience—as you watch the natural do its thing wherever you look.

Yes, you have permission to be a full-on couch potato and remain as immobile or as active as your inner spirit so moves you. At this world-famous desert vacation resort, you can hike and climb and run for hours or sleep the most peaceful of all sleeps lulled in front of a roaring fire listening to your favorite music; or read, write, guitar-play, sketch or binge-watch your favorite TV shows, play board games with the family, indulge in succulent, homemade feasts, actually have real conversations and feel what it feels like to laugh until you cry, and rediscover the romance and passion you knew was always there before deadlines and everyday demands took over…

The rusted lizard sculpture remains from season-to-season as a permanent Josh Ambassador welcoming you back to this magical desert hideaway; and once you leave, wishing you a fond farewell until we meet again. And we know you will come back. Everyone does. It’s kind of impossible to leave divine perfection like this…

Words From Cara