Hello JTO,

We just wanted to say thanks very much for the opportunity to stay in your home. It is a magnificent setting.


The views out back as well as the home itself make it a great experience. We were in the park hiking each day but managed to spend some time wandering in the rocks behind the Oasis and enjoyed very much having such a comfortable home to come back to each night where we could just relax.


Beeker cactus

We had the bonus of 2 visits from the bobcat on the first and last mornings as he sat outside the back door and bedroom window for us, as well as generally looking very calm while we were busy taking photos and talking to him.

As well, we enjoyed the many birds including a roadrunner and numerous quail which frequent the property. The varied cacti and other desert trees/shrubs which you have placed around the home were interesting to look at up close and a pleasing addition.

Laura and I enjoy that closeness to nature which the home, its’ plants and animals, making our stay a memorable one.

Thank you also for the bottle of wine, a nice touch which went very well after one of our hiking days. Your home was a great place for us to stay and we would look forward to the opportunity to visit again on another trip to Joshua Tree.

David and Laura