Man on roof

High speed internet Wifi service is available at Joshua Tree Oasis!

Now you have even more choices than ever at Josh! You can consider JTO your desert haven hideout and disconnect from the world, completely unplugging–turning off all outside forms of communication: cell phone, laptop, ipad and any other “intruders” of pervasive peace and natural beauty alive waiting for you here.    OR….you can do it all and still find that window of time to Skype with your company’s executive board or your lover in Brazil, while lazing in a hammock.

Finish that report before next week and after that omg-Jacuzzi dip under The Big Dipper and a billion other stars across an ebony night sky. Dialogue with family and friends before that rugged day hike in the hills. Check up on the latest world news in front of a roaring fire. Post or Tweet daily pictures and videos of your “real-time” out escape in one of the most exquisite Joshua Tree vacation resorts of all.

In an instant, you can do it all or nothing at all at Joshua Tree Oasis. Because the fastest, speediest MojaveWIFI connection is ready when you’re ready for it at this famous Joshua Tree vacation rental. So bring the outside world inside on this otherworldly desert hideaway. Or not. The choice is in your hands.

High five for WIFI!