“We all shine on…like the moon and the stars and the sun…we all shine on…come on and on and on…” 
― John Lennon

2012 Perseid Shower

Shot by The Desert Sun’s Richard Lui in Joshua Tree during the 2010 Perseid meteor shower

Some call it Paradise. Others consider it Heaven on Earth. And there are those who really think of Joshua Tree Oasis as being not only all of this and more, but even something pretty transporting, i.e. a real Star Trek experience.

Because this unearthly desert vacation resort is situated far from the blinding city lights where for the first time you really can see stars like never, ever before. And not only see them, but at certain months you can witness a star show that rivals any Fourth of July.

It happens year-round and this August 11th and 12th it appears around 11 pm from the constellation Perseus, just northeast of the Perseids.

That’s when a wild explosion of shooting stars shower the heavens with brilliant meteors playing chase in streaks raining across the night time sky, hour after hour.

Meteor shower

Perseid map

Many of our stargazers and more romantic guests actually plan their Josh trips to coordinate with these phenomenal meteor showers—the next appearing in October, November and December. There’s absolutely NOTHING like laying in our soothing, bubbly, “omg-does-that-feel-amazing” Jacuzzi sharing your own bubbly while staring up into such a glow of a sky show.

Thanks, Perseus. You really do know how to throw one heavenly party.  Shine on!

Words From Cara