“Beep! Beep!” No way you’re gonna catch ’em! Those little chaparral birds zipping off and leaving you, literally, in the dust are probably what every turkey wishes they had this time of year: roadrunner genes!

But if you think you can zoom in on those fast racing foul roaring across the desert at over 15 miles an hour, better give up the chase and race to the welcoming feast of sights and sounds and sensations of our beautiful vacation resort at Joshua Tree Oasis. Whether you’re gathering the troops at JTO for a nothing-like-it-in-the-world Thanksgiving, or other cozy celebrations throughout the year, get ready to share it with a world of wildlife…a roaring fireside pillows-and popcorn love fest…a steaming Jacuzzi that bubbles away the cold in a nano-second…kickback hammocks…and down-filled beds surrounded by ceiling-to-floor windows showcasing a panorama of bobcat, coyote, birds, lizards, cacti, brilliant sunrises and sunsets, and so much more.

And that little high-octane birdy? If you’re lucky enough to see one whiz by, count your blessings. The Hopi and Pueblo Indian tribes believed that the roadrunner provided protection against evil spirits. Once you find yourself in JTO—what many consider to be a hidden Paradise of the desert—we guarantee you’ll soon know that this is, indeed, quite true…

Words From Cara