They were “foodies”. Total Food Channel groupies. Best friends. Eat-aholics. Epicureans. Hedonists. Joshua Tree Oasis lodging was where they let their inner heathens run free.

HouseNot only did they have the most beautiful desert vacation retreat to create their masterpiece meals, mixing, baking, chopping away together in the welcoming, state-of-the-art kitchen, and then sitting around the warm, rough-hewn tables and chairs surrounded by a lunar landscape not to be believed…but this was where all eight of them eased back under the stars drinking wine and soaking in one of the most extraordinary outdoor spas in the world.

Literally. It was created by Diamante Spas, Inc. and sliding into it was like lulling into the warm bubbling waters of a masterfully-crafted work of art.

Diamante Spas is like the Cezanne, Mastisse, Picasso of spas. The best in the world. And the Joshua Tree Oasis spa is designed for eight enjoying aaahh-inspiring jets here, there and everywhere your body craves it. As the glow of light cast rainbows of color from the bottle wall and the moon lit up the night like behind the scenes of a Broadway show…Joshua Tree Oasis did its magic. Their laughter accompanied by the clink of glasses and bubbling jets, the group let out a collected sigh.

This is what peace sounds like.

No gourmet meal in the world could compete with this feast of the senses…

Cara Wilson-Granat