Rock people

“Shut the door, change the record, clean the house, shake off the dust. Stop being who you were, and change who you are.” –Paul Coelho

What better way to begin fresh. Clean-slate-it. Leave that old year tumbling behind in the dust and head for the pristine sands of Joshua Tree Oasis. People from all over the globe have already made “Being Kind To Myself” high on their 2014 Resolution List—and booked some dearly longed-for time at this exquisite desert retreat. Forget about those soon-to-be forgotten promises of diets and exercise and starting or finishing that novel, basket-weaving course, or actually reading that growing stack of New Yorkers. This is something you really can do that’s good for your entire well-being the very moment you step into the magic of it all.

Ethan in hammock

At Joshua Tree Oasis you finally get the chance to awaken your five senses—shocking each into a stunning awareness of seeing, touching, smelling, tasting, hearing as if for the very first time. Josh has a way of doing that. You find yourself transfixed with brilliant sunrises and sunsets…outstretched cacti quietly swaying their silent “Hallelujahs” into star-packed skies and coyote choruses…while you slumber in hammock-hugs and other-worldly Jacuzzi soaks and take in extraordinary vistas that instantly calm you into an inner place you thought you had lost…or never really found at all until now.

This is your time to walk aimlessly or with a hiking and rigorous climbing sense of purpose…or do absolutely nothing at all (or everything you dreamed of doing!) in front of a roaring fire. Joshua Tree Oasis. What a great 2014 gift to give yourself and your loved ones. Here is your fresh start in the most beautiful place of all to start feeling what it feels like to smile from deep inside. And breathe from your head to your toes. Experience delight… and skin-tingling ecstasy… and to fill your lungs with laughter…and sleep like you’ve never slept so peacefully in your life.  After the year you just left behind don’t you think you deserve such joy? Of course you do. Happy New You!

Words From Cara