They were ringing again. Her iPhone, BlackBerry, home phone.

Someone was texting her, telling her to check out his latest Twitter. Another left a message, “You haven’t updated your Facebook. Is something wrong? Are you okay?” It had come to that. Her life had gone cyber, the world of words swirling the ethers of madness and all she wanted was OUT.

She checked her iPhone for “Nirvana”… “Heavenly Retreats”…peace and quiet without the cacophony of mental-traffic-jams. And she found it. There was actually an “app” for everything she was looking for near the Mojave Desert. Joshua Tree Oasis lodging.

A vacation that offered resort-like pampering surrounded by soothing everythings—gorgeous lodging, actually two retreats on one exquisite hideaway—filled with five-star accessories—everything from a huge, outdoor jacuzzi for eight, cowboy spa, sumptuous furnishings and so much more.

And the best of all?

Other than an outrageous indoor DVD/TV/music system—the only sound you hear at Joshua Tree Oasis is the sound of the wind blowing through the graceful, surrounding cacti. The only twittering is that of birds taking wing. She had found the “app” for the most appealing place on the planet. She would call it “HerSpace”—and decided to keep it to herself for now…

Cara Wilson-Granat