Night crew

It’s that time of year when everyone’s “making their lists and checking them twice”, but the one that tops so many of our guests’ lists is Joshua Tree Oasis—either from those who’ve never been here before and have discovered the huge draw to come to this desert Nirvana. Or others who have made Josh part of their annual or bi-annual ritual and put this exquisite vacation resort on their “must do/experience/gift to others, etc.” bucket list.

So when you’re looking to find the perfect something to add to your life or that of others, we recommend back-tracking from those rat-race malls and online catalogues or whatever rings your material bell for now. And just focus on sheer beauty. Peace of mind. Fireside gatherings. Family meals surrounded by a vista of natural wildlife still untouched by billboard madness and parking lot/condo cacophony. And just plan on breathing deeply. Loving soundly. Hiking endlessly. Jacuzzi soaking in rain or sunshine. Counting galaxies. And allowing yourself those delicious “Zzzzzzz’s” in this cacti-covered, coyote-chorused, bobcat-siting world of pure bliss.

Can you think of anything more incredible to gift not only yourself, but also those newly-weds, or best friends, or anniversary and graduation celebrants, or baby-mooners, or outdoor lovers, just-released-from-the-hospital survivors, or…? than the world of Josh designed for every occasion, season, whim or wish-upon-a-star? No, we can’t either… Happy Everything To You!

Home at night

Words From Cara