Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, was supposed to have said, “Un bon croquis vaut mieux qu’un long discours,” or, “A good sketch is better than a long speech”. In other words, “a picture is worth a thousand words…”

On that note, we culled a few of our guests’ sketches that summarize Joshua Tree Oasis better than any poet or blogger or marketing specialist could ever express. With a few joyful, “AWESOME!” bursts thrown in, we couldn’t have said it better. So here, for your enjoyment are just a few of the works of art drawn by delighted Joshua Tree Oasis residents who have been so moved to show us their feelings in the best ways possible. We hope you too will grab a sketch pad and leave your cares behind and escape to one of the most gorgeous desert vacation retreats on the planet…

In summary, some beautiful technicolor words from a guest, so visual in their descriptions we had to add them… “A whole week this year! A full moon. The bobcat peering at us through the rocks. Hummingbirds, quail, roadrunners, a slithering boa (non-rattler), cotton tail Jack Rabbits, two coyotes, an amazing display of clouds, bird song, deep quiet, the sounds of silence. It’s all been perfect and renews our belief in this mad-crazy world that people abuse.

Thanks. It’s all right here…”

– JTO Guest Sketches written by www.wordsfromcara.com