Was it just moments or hours before when they had experienced Paradise together? Time is so fickle.

They’d searched everywhere seeking that delicious “just us” romance woven into the natural-beauty-meets-luxury at the edge of the Mojave. And they found it at Joshua Tree Oasis, a superb Joshua Tree vacation rental.

Now they looked at the people rising and settling around them in the airport. Vacationers entering and leaving their own pockets of respite and escape. Screeches of laughter. A child having a tantrum. Ear-splitting cell-phone conversations bouncing off the walls. The transition from there to here was painful.

Airport cell phone

Noticing his wife’s faraway stare, he whispered, “Don’t worry. We’ll be back soon. Joshua Tree Oasis is ours…”

She smiled, acknowledging that haven of heaven that was still resonating on their skin—in their soul. The glow of that dry desert heat cooled by day and night soaking—lazing naked in the outdoor cowboy spa…bubbling into a swirling state of ecstasy in the Jacuzzi, more cowboy spa-ing after that and even more hot-tubbing under the Milky Way—the sounds of Ella and Buble and Sinatra and Nilsson adding to the magic.

Slide jacuzzi night

And then curling on the couch together listening to the booming claps of thunder above them as the soft summer rain beat against the windows…they were lovers again.

WiFi’s were put away for the high-fives of “There you are. I’ve missed you…” and together they longed to be back at the most beautiful vacation hideaway in the world. Sitting in the airport in Palm Springs remembering it all.

It just might be the hardest time leaving Joshua Tree Oasis so far…