People and spaAaaahhhhh the cool, wet, lazy days of summer—the days of darting through sprinklers and hours of garden hose backyard wars. Remember how little it took to cool off and have fun during those “school’s out” days? Well they’re waiting for you right now once again. This is the special, steamy, hot time when Joshua Tree Oasis comes into play and plunges you into that kind of summer time delight deep in the heart of the desert. Where?

Inside the silky skin cooling joy of an 8 foot by 3 foot deep galvanized metal “cowboy spa”. You’ll find it right next to the “where have you been all my life” hammock, just inches away from your icy beers and come-to-mama margaritas. The cowboy spa’s just one of the surprises luring you back into innocence and abandon at the most decadently delicious vacation resorts in the heart of cacti and coyote land. Joshua Tree Oasis is where the coolest vacationers go to be cool. True. Surrounded by stunning beauty inside and out, you get to enjoy the heat and magic of the desert while plunging carefree into one gi-normous watering trough and leaving all cares, aches, and baggage far away. This is pure fun in the sun and cool off time in the outside tub, the huge, bubbling Jacuzzi or kicking back cool as a cucumber inside the resort—your entire being refreshed by the modern AC and humidifying swamp cooling system. It could be a sweltering 110 in the shade, but you’ll be dancing naked inside to the tune of 65 or 55 degrees or whatever you choose to feel the coolest. So c’mon and soak up some summer time fun at Joshua Tree Oasis—where the Mediterranean meets the Mojave—and childhood is just a “double dog dare you” plunge away.

Cara-Wilson Granat